Do you have a high water bill, hot floor, warping hard wood or laminate?A slab leak is a leak in your homes water lines in the foundation. They are usually the most damaging and unnoticeable of all possible leaks.

How do we fix the slab leak?

Instead of the traditional direct access repair, we fix the leak by eliminating the line in the slab and rerouting the line.

What is A Direct Access slab leak repair?

Direct access means to jackhammer to the leak and cut out the part of the pipe with the hole. By doing this, it is less reliable and messy. You are leaving the opportunity of the same pipe to leak down the road.


What is a Reroute?

To reroute the line , we simply eliminate the water flow in the pipe in the slab at the manifold and use PEX plastic piping to redirect the water flow. We go up and over! PEX piping is super reliable and we put a life time warranty on our reroutes.